Q: How is the project being funded?
A: The stadium project is expected to cost $25 million and is slated for completion in August 2016. The university is committed to raising at least $5 million in private support and it will leverage internal borrowing for the additional $20 million. UNH will be paying the loan back over the next 20 years at the prevailing treasury rate.

Q: Is state money being used to fund this project?
A: No state dollars will be used for the new stadium. No state dollars were used to finance the Whittemore Center in 1993. A key component for this project is that at least 20% of the total cost will be privately raised with the remainder coming from internal borrowing. Internal borrowing against unrestricted net assets is a prudent way to finance capital projects and has been used by our campuses for decades.

Q: How much money is invested into athletic facilities at UNH?
A: The last significant investment UNH made into its athletic facilities was the Whitt, which opened in 1995, nearly 20 years ago. Since 1991, $687 million has been invested in facility projects at UNH. 50% of that has been spent on academic buildings, 30% on student housing and dining, 15% on infrastructure (such as power, water, roads and grounds) and 6% on athletic and student recreation facilities.

Q: What new features will the stadium have?
A: The facility will offer increased and improved seating, lights which will allow for night games, state-of-the art broadcast and WiFi capability, concessions, restrooms, social and gathering areas and a special student section.

Q: How can I help contribute to this historic project?
A: By clicking on the following link, giving.unh.edu/stadium you can help shape the proud Wildcat tradition. If you are interested in larger philanthropic support, please contact:

Diane Metcalf
Director of Athletics Development
603-862-3149 or [email protected]


Brenda Holt Mullaney
Associate Director of Athletics Development
603-862-3842 or [email protected]

Q: What type of outside events will be held at the stadium?
A: UNH and the Town of Durham will collaborate to host state, regional, and national competitions and events like the New Hampshire Special Olympics, concerts, and high school championship games at the new facility attracting visitors from beyond the greater Durham area and boosting local economy.

Q: What is the timeline of this project?
A: New lights will be added to the existing facility over the summer of 2014 in addition to necessary seating and press box upgrades in time for the 2014 season to kickoff. Construction on the West side of the facility will begin after the completion of the 2014 season. The project is set to be completed in August 2016.

Q: Will there be premium seating options?
A: UNH Athletics is committed to providing a first-class game day experience for all. Premium seating opportunities will be available and information will be forthcoming. Continue to check this site for the latest information.